PCAS' Chemistry Department provides analytical services for the chemical, food and electroplating industries. Services include sampling, analysis and reporting with quick turnaround.

Clients can expect from PCAS the same degree of response and communication that from an in-house laboratory. Our company adds value by providing access to its experienced staff, state of the art equipment and broad technical capabilities.

Typical Testing:

Plating solutions:
Brass, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper acid, Copper cyanide, Gold, Nickel, Rhodium, Silver, Tin and Zinc. Hull test, impurities.

Salt Spray test:
Salt spray under military specifications, anodize, chromate, Cadmium, Zinc, electroless Nickel, Tin, phosphate, passivate and black oxide. Wet tape test, coating weight.

Copper Purity Test

Tin/Lead Purity Test

Food Analysis:
Protein, fat, moisture, carbohydrates, ash, saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, Calcium, Iron, vitamins, aminoacids, heavy metals.

Typical Projects:

• Circuit board Copper concentration and impurities testing.
• Nutritional analysis of alfalfa sprouts.
• Solder Tin/Lead plating bath and plated metal proportions.
• Moisture measurement in cocoa powder.
• Salt spray test for chem film on 2024-T3 Aluminum plates.
• Lead and Mercury in salmon.
• Sulfuric acid % in acid Copper bath.
• Brigthener level in Copper plating bath.