Food Product Development

PCAS product development capabilities extend all the way from concept development to commercialization. Our test kitchen offers a wide variety of services under strict confidentiality.

PCAS's product developers have more than 20 years in the industry and have helped national brands to introduce a wide variety of products. They are board members of the IFT National New Product Development Division and local IFT chapters. A list of typical services and projects follows.

Typical Testing:

Test Kitchen:
Culinary gold standard development, prototype preparation, alternate ingredient qualification, preparation directions development, benchmark/competitive set evaluation, food styling.

Scale-up and star-up:
Scale up, plant trials and line qualification. Process capability studies. Start-ups.

Label Development:
Nutritional label development. Chemical analysis including trans-fat. Serving size determination.

Product Specification Design:
Incoming ingredient and finished product specifications design and writing.

Manufacturing Control Program and HACCP Development:
Development of manufacturing control plans and HACCP programs to deliver desired quality and regulatory compliance.

Co-packer Qualification:
Co-packer evaluation and qualification. Contract negotiation and writing.

Consumer testing:
Focus groups, central location test (CLT), in home use testing (HUT).

Typical Projects:

• Developed gourmet popcorn products for national brand.
• Reduced Sodium by 70% in frozen meals.
• Developed shelf stable meals and dessert kits for national brand.
• Eliminated trans-fat in savory snack products.
• Identified co-packer and qualified manufacturing line.
• Created nutritional labels for fresh oriental noodles.